Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask me directly if you cannot find the answers you seek below!

About Therapy Format

All Sessions come with Free Smiles and an Optional side of Homework 🙂

Do you offer “Free Consultations?”
My inquiry call is what people usually refer to as that initial “free consultation.” During the inquiry call, you/prospective clients are encouraged to ask me any questions that you believe will help you evaluate your decision to work with me, such as therapy format, modalities used, etc. Please refrain from sharing with me intimate details about yourself in consideration of the reasons stated below and also in respect of the limited time (10 minutes or less).

To provide further clarifications: the word, “consultation,” has become a misnomer often misused by healthcare professionals to describe a short, complimentary session to determine fit when it should be reserved for more formal contexts (e.g., treatment planning, legal cases). I only offer inquiry calls between sessions as I’m afraid that I do not have time in my schedule to offer these 20- to 30-minute sessions. Most importantly, I do not believe it is ethical for me to treat you as a client when you are not yet an official client and to encourage you to quickly become emotionally vulnerable only to cut you off at the mark or, worse, try to treat you in that short period so you can “sample the therapy experience” without us first having the foundation of emotional safety and mutual trust. My philosophy is to work on meeting your needs and not choosing my clients based on first impressions. I hope that this courtesy can be reciprocated when you also understand that, beyond first impressions, it is the work and efforts we put in to improve and maintain our therapeutic relationship that will make us a lasting fit.
(Let’s do therapy, not speed dating 🙂

What do we do and talk about in sessions?
Anything you want! The sessions are about you so we’ll focus on what is important to you – whether you need a listening ear, another brain to bounce ideas off of, or a professional to help you reclaim yourself from your trauma.
(You choose how we do therapy: Directing, Following, or Guiding Style.)

How long is each session?
50 minutes long. You pay for the full hour, but the last 10 minutes are used for notes.
(I need to do my homework on you, too!)

Will there be a consent form I have to read and sign?
Yes, and we will review the principal policies on the consent form and answer any questions you may have before we begin.
(Beware of any mental-health professionals who do not provide a consent form and ask for your explicit consent!)

Do you do telehealth (online video or phone) or in-person sessions?
In consideration of the ongoing health crisis, telehealth sessions will be prioritized, but I do also offer limited, case-by-case in-person sessions that need to be booked in advance. Recommended provincial health policies in masks, proof of vaccination, and sanitization protocols, will also be implemented.
(Let’s do our part to keep ourselves and the public safe.)

How does “Confidentiality” work?
It means that the contents of our sessions together, including the fact that we have a professional working relationship, will remain private unless precluded by law and ethical obligations or with your explicit knowledge and consent.
(A client calls me their family’s “secret doctor.”)

What kind of therapy will we do?
Your choice. I offer a range of therapeutic modalities and you can pick and choose what you want or a combination.
(Remember it’s your journey so you choose the vehicle and how we get there!)

How does the first session work?
In the first session, we will go through your background, stories, and goals. You are also free to ask me questions.
(I want to know about YOU and what matters to YOU!)

Will I have homework?
Yes and no. Empirical research (Conklin & Strunk, 2015) has suggested that activities between sessions – at least in CBT – promotes and maintains benefits of therapy, but, again, it is on an individual basis. (Unlike high school, homework is negotiable 😉

About Our Working Relationship

What can I expect from you?
Aside from the conventional professionalism and respect that is your right to expect from anyone, I promise to try my best to treat you with absolute worth, to respect your autonomy, and to acknowledge my bias whenever appropriate.
(At the very least, you’ll always be greeted with my enthusiasm and passion for helping.)

Can I contact you between sessions?
Yes, but please try to limit the contacts to scheduling purposes or general questions to avoid us having casual sessions outside of designated session times. Please note that I also have other clients to care for and cannot always be readily available. Most importantly, the reason why we have scheduled sessions is so that I can devote my entire attention to specifically you during YOUR time. Many of my long-term/regular clients have learned to self-regulate and I can also help you feel safe enough to become someone who does not need “emergency” sessions every other week.
(Good boundaries are an indicator of our work and professional relationship.)

What will you expect of me?
I hope you will be comfortable telling me which direction you’d like our sessions to go and about your needs/wants. I study psychology, but I am not a psychic and cannot read minds; I believe that one of the best indicators of a strong therapeutic alliance is when you give me honest feedback and let me know what works/does not work for you so I can adjust to your flow.
(Help me help you!)

Can I recommend you to my friends and family?
I take it as a great compliment to have personal referrals from clients. In all of these cases, I will evaluate the ethics and if I see a conflict of interest or believe that my ability to service clients will be compromised by seeing someone familiar to my current client, I retain the right to decline. In the case that I do see more than one familiar party, I will ask all parties to respect confidentiality and will need to obtain your explicit acceptance of certain limitations.
(Thank you for the confidence in me!)

Administrative Issues

Are you accepting new clients?
Yes, I differ from others in that I schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be fair and avoid prioritizing long-term/regular clients over need, I rarely accept recurring bookings so am able to accept new cases as long as you let me know before I finish my scheduling for the following week.  To book, please contact me directly. In the near future, I plan to implement an online-booking system but direct confirmation from me is still required as I have regular/long-term clients.

Do you do direct billing for any third-party providers, such as CVAP, FNHA, ICBC, or Extended Healthcare Benefits (EHB)?
Yes, I do direct billing with CVAP, FNHA, and ICBC. For EHB, please check your benefits plan for coverage for “Registered Clinical Counsellor” or “Clinical Counsellor.” You will be responsible for submitting your claims in the case that direct billing is not possible.

How much does each session cost?
Fees are based on the type and length of the session. For more information on fees and insurance coverage, please visit the FEES & SERVICES page.

Do you provide letters for work, school, or legal purposes?
Yes, but only if you are a current client whom I have been working with for at least 8 weeks/sessions. In addition, all reports and letters are provided at my discretion. Please understand that, for ethical reasons, I cannot provide letters to new clients when I do not have enough information on you. Also, know that I cannot be reasonably asked to corroborate my account of you in your current status should you stop seeing me for more than one year.

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