Interview with Fit for Joy: “Defining Life, Love, and Happiness: Insights from a Psychotherapist”

Defining Life, Love, And Happiness: Insights From A Psychotherapist

2022 has been indeed a busy year for me with school, work, busy school, full-time work, endless school, and nonstop work – did I mention school AND work? Anyway, between the barrage of school and work life, I was able to do another interview, this time with Valeria Teles, creator of Fit for Joy

I must credit Valeria for being patient with me as we had a very hard time scheduling the interview due to technical difficulties, so we had to switch to a pre-recorded format that unfortunately was not able to stay on the topic of dating as we had originally planned. Nevertheless, the interview was done and now finally published, for which I am extremely thankful.

Anyone interested in the interview can follow the link to listen to the entire podcast. Cheers 🙂

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